Benefits of Thermal Spring Water in Dermatology

From old times, people were aware of benefits of thermal spring water. It was used to treat several skin diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, burns and etc. Nowadays, as medicine is becoming more advanced, we have a wide variety of treatments available for specific skin disorders, including topical steroids, phototherapy, immunosuppressants, systemic drugs and others. As for thermal spring water, it helps to reduce inflammation, control scaling and sooth the skin in patients with psoriasis and other diseases, that cause skin to become dry and scaly. There are many Spas and Sanatoriums throughout the world, that are experienced in this field. You can find those in France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Russia and even in Armenia. Certain cities and villages, such as Hankavan, Jermuk, have thermal baths, where people with chronic inflammatory skin diseases attend and get a treatment.