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  • Burns

    Burns are one of the most common injuries of skin. They may be caused by:

    • hot liquids

    • sunburn

    • chemical burns

    • electrical burns

    • fires, like candles, lighters and etc

    There are 4 types of burns.

    1st degree burn- skin redness, inflammation, scaling 

    2nd degree burn- blisters, pain, no scarring

    3rd degree burn – deep affection of the skin, blisters, necrosis, skin heals with scarring 

    4th degree burn- severe burns, inlvolving  tendons, muscles and bones, may end up with amputation of limb

    What should you do when you get a burn ❓

    1. Cool the skin. Cold water running over the burn will help decrease the inflammation and pain

    2. Apply panthenol &  antibiotic ointment to the burn. They may help to reduce itching, inflammation and protect wound from infection.

    3. Cover the burn with sterile gauze bandage

    In severe cases you may need to get a professional treatment by a dermatologist or other relevant specialist.

    Complications of deep burns are:

    • bacterial infection

    • scarring

    • fluid loss

    • dangerously low temperature of body

    • internal organ problems • joints, muscles and bones disorders

    • amputation of limbs (extremely severe cases)