Herpes  is one of the most common viral diseases in the world. According to some studies, about 90% of population is infected with herpes. There are around 100 types of herpes virus, but  only 8 affect human. The most commons are:

• herpes simplex

• genital herpes

• herpes zoster

Symptoms of herpes include • blisters

• ulceration • itching • pain

• high temperature

• enlarged lymph nodes

Herpes simplex may occur on the lips, nose, eyes, oral cavity. During genital herpes small blisters appear on genitalias, which then result in small, painful ulcers and can cause much pain during sexual intercourse.

How can herpes be spread❓ 

Through skin to skin contacts, kisses, sexual contacts,  during birth.

How to prevent herpes infection❓

•Stay away from people who have signs of infection

•Avoid unprotected sexual contacts

•Take antiviral tablets

Unfortunately, there is no cure for herpes. Although, antiviral medicine may help prevent or reduce outbreaks.