Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder, during which brown patches appear on the skin, mostly on face ( forehead, cheeks, lips, nose bridge). The patches can also appear in other places, exposed to sunlight, such as chest, neck and etc. Both genders may have melasma, but women are more likely to develop the condition.
The cause is unknown, however, there are factors, that may be a trigger:
•hormonal changes (pregnancy, birth control pills)
•sun exposure
•certain medication
In some cases melasma doesnt require any treatment and can go away by itself. If not, dermatologist will help to get a proper treatment.
Treatment may include:
•topical hormones
•creams, that contain skin lightening components
•laser resurfacing
•PRP therapy
Tips, that may help to prevent melasma
•using a sunscreen (SPF 50)
•avoiding sun exposure
•wearing a hat when outside
If you suffer from this condition, visit your dermatologist.