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  • Papillomas

    Papillomas are benign epithelial growths caused by HPV ( Human Papilloma Virus). Usually they appear on skin surface, but can also form in internal organs, such as bowels and airways. Most commonly papillomas occur on face, neck, back, shoulders, abdomen. Sometimes they can merge, forming a cauliflower-like vegetations. Certain types of HPV may cause warts, condylomas (genital warts), which can be painful and bring discomfort to patients and there are also some virus types, that can cause cancer. 
    Papillomas are not dangerous themselves, but are contagious and can spread.
    It’s possible to treat papillomas using following methods:
    • cryosurgery
    • surgical excision
    • laser therapy
    • medication 
    If you notice any suspicious growths on your skin, visit a dermatologist.