Rosacea is a common chronic skin disorder causing redness, papules, pustules and blood vessels in the face. Often it can be mistaken for acne. About 10% of the poeple all over the world suffering from rosacea. The real cause of the disease is unknown, however there are heriditary and environmental factors, such as: 1. Age over 30 2. Female sex 3. Demodex mites 4. Alcohol 5. Smoking 6. Sun exposure 7. Family history 8. Some drugs 9. Other After a certain period of time , the symptoms can worsen, skin may thicken and the sebacious glands become enlarged, forming a condition called rhinophyma. It’s very important to diagnose and start the treatment as soon as possible to avoid complications. So if you notice one of these symptoms, book an appointment with your dermatologist.