Scabies is a parasitic skin disease caused by mites Sarcoptes Scabiei. It can affect any age, but is mostly common in children, young and old people. 

Factors, that may lead to spread of scabies:

poverty, overcrowded places

institutional care, prisons, hotels and etc


low level of hygiene 

Scabies may be spread through skin to skin contact, sharing clothing, towels, that is infected with mites. 

Symptoms of scabies include:

itching (becomes more severe at night)

generalized rash on trunk, limbs, armpits, groin, genitalia. 

Seldom , a very contagious and sever variant of scabies may develop, called Norwegian scabies. 

Diagnosis is usually simple, but sometimes microscopic examination may need to be performed to confirm the diagnosis. 

Treatment includes scabicid medicine and disinfection of clothes, bedding, towels.