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    At Derma you can get body treatments such as stretch marks treatment, injection lipolysis, spider veins treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment and etc.


    Derma offers various dermatological treatments for face: acne treatment, couperose treatment, PRP therapy, mesotherapy, dermal filler injections, Plasma IQ non-surgical blepharoplasty and many others.


    Derma offers hair loss treatment for both men and women. Suffering from hair loss ? Get tested to find out the cause of alopecia. Treatment includes injections combined with vitamin therapy and hair loss shampoos to stimulate hair growth.


    Derma offers nail treatment. Whether it is al fungal infection or nail distrophy, we will help you to fight against nail problems.


    Derma offers diagnostics & treatments for skin, including dermoscopy, treatment of skin diseases, scars treatment, skin growths surgery and other.