Derma offers diagnostics & treatments for skin, including dermoscopy, treatment of skin diseases, scars treatment, skin growths surgery and other.

Co2 Laser Treatment

Co2 Laser Resurfacing  Indications: •Scars treatment•Acne scars treatment•Fine lines resurfacing•Skin rejuvenation•Stretch marks treatmentRemoval of skin...

Keloids Treatment

Treatment of keloid scars.

Warts Removal

Removal of common, flat, genital warts.

Treatment of Skin Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.

Skin Growths Surgery

Removal of skin growths ։• Warts• Papillomas• Moles• Hemangiomas• Keratomas• Dermatofibromas• Condylomas• Skin overgrowths


Dermatoscopy is performed to examine skin lesions. Being a must have tool in modern dermatologist's...

Hemangiomas Treatment

Hemangiomas or vascular birthmarks are a form of benign growths made of blood vessels. They...

Papillomas Removal

Papillomas are benign epithelial growths caused by HPV ( Human Papilloma Virus). Usually they appear...