Skin Cancer

Skin examination is a very important procedure, which helps to differentiate suspicious moles and growths.

The color, size, shape, borders may help the doctor to differ benign moles from melanoma.

The earlier skin cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to prevent and cure.

It’s important to track moles on your body.

• periodically do a skin self-exam ( once a month).

Stand in front of the mirror naked and thoroughly check your body ( about 15 minutes ) • if you see any changes in your moles visit a dermatologist

• skin cancer, that is diagnosed early, is curable

ABCDE guide to differ melanoma from a mole.

A. Asymmetry

B. Irregular borders

C. The color’s not the same all over

D. Diameter is usually larger than 6mm

E. Evolving

P.S. Dermatoscopy and histological examination needed to diagnose melanoma.