Summer is approaching, so it is a right time to protect our skin from sun. Sunscreen is cream, foam, spray, gel or lotion, that absorbs UV and protects skin from sunburn. Other important feature of sunscreen is that it may help to prevent dark spots, wrinkles and photoaging. Sunscreen can be of two types: physical( deflecting UV) and chemical (absorbing UV). For children it’s recommended to apply sunscreen from 6 months. Benefits of sunscreen may also include skin cancer prevention. Prolonged use of sunscreen can cause vitamin D deficiency. Some people report allergic contact dermatitis due to certain ingredients in the cream. Sunscreen has SPF factor, that shows the quantity of UV rays, that may reach the skin. In Armenia, because of harsh sun, it is recommended to use 30 SPF at least in summer time. Most vulnerable types of skin are type I, type II & type III. 
How to use sunscreen ❓
• Apply it 30 minutes before going out
• Refresh every 2 hours.