Dermatoscopy is performed to examine skin lesions. Being a must have tool in modern dermatologist’s practice, it helps to distinguish benign moles from cancerous. There are various lesions of different color: brown, black, red, blue, grey, white and etc. 
Characteristics, that a doctor should pay attention to are:
• Assymetry/symmetry
• Borders
• Color, homogenitiy
• Diameter
• Vascular pattern
• Ulceration
There are certain specific dermoscopic patterns, that may alert in the diagnosis of following skin lesions:
• Melanocytic moles
• Lentigo
• Atypic naevi
• Blue naevi
• Seborrheic keratosis
• Haemangioma
• Basal cell carcinoma
• Melanoma
❗️If you notice any suspicious lesions on the skin, see your dermatologist.